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Name:Shanghai The People Pharmaceutical Solvent Plant
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Located at Nanxiang Town in Jiading District of Shanghai city, Shanghai Renmin Pharmaceutical Solvent Process Co., Ltd. (former Shanghai Shenxing Pharmaceutical Factory in 1996, Shanghai No. 16 Pharmaceutical Factory in 1948 and People's Pharmaceutical Factory in 1943) is a specialized manufacturer of chemical synthetic APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. Moreover, we are an environmentally sound enterprise approved by Shanghai Municipal Environment Protection Agency to be engaged in the disposal and utilization of waste organic solvents.

Based on the joint of the development of new science and technology ,small and intermediate scale tests and full industry production, our company has possessed a strong technology team; a erudite synthesizing specialist team who are very proficient in organic chemical, organic syntheses and pharmaceutical chemical. We skilled in all kinds of chemical reactions such as cyanidation, Grignard reaction, halogenating reaction, amination, condensation reaction, esterification reaction, nitration, methylation and reduction, etc., we have the excellent abilities to produce chemical synthetic APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates.

We produce many series of chemical products and make R&D work for high challenge fine chemicals according to customer's requirement. We are taking advantage of our technique equipment and specialists, and working for our friend enterprises home and abroad that carry on pharmaceutical research, pharmaceutical material and intermediate businesses.